Chieftain is a family run business which was established by John Quinn over 35 years ago. Today Chieftain has more than 40 products in their extensive range.

In the beginning, Chieftain specialised in the production of tractor drawn low loaders and dump trailers. Then in the late 80’s Chieftain entered the commercial truck drawn market with their first commercial drawbar low loader. Chieftain’s commitment to Research and Development soon saw the introduction of trailers for Fuel transport, Waste and Recycling, Rail, Forestry and other highly specialised industries. Chieftain’s Head Office is based in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. All manufacturing conforms to the strictest quality checks and all trailers
are produced to ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation.

Our Products


Chieftain manufacture a wide range of tractor drawn agricultural trailers. These include agricultural low loaders, grain trailers, silage trailers, root crop trailers, dump trailers, tipping trailers, contract tippers, multi purpose trailers, hay trailers, dropside trailers, bale trailers, combine trailers, beeteapers, Combine Harvester trailers and farm trailers. Chieftain use all their commercial trailer knowledge and expertise in the design and manufacture of their agri trailer range making Chieftain the professional farmer’s choice.

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Chieftain manufacture a wide range of truck drawn commercial trailers. These trailers have been granted European Whole Vehicle type approval by the UK Vehicle Certification Agency and are permitted for use in any EU member state. The range includes 3 axles Semi Low Loaders, 4 axle Semi Low Loaders, 5 axle Semi low loaders, Stepframe Low loaders, Extendable low loader trailers, Commercial Drawbar low loaders, Turntable low loader trailers, Full trailers, Drag trailers, Deck Widening trailers, Chassis Widening trailers, Ejectors, Dolly trailers.

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Recycling & Waste

Chieftain manufacture a wide range of skip trailers suitable for use with both hook and chain lift systems. These include roll on roll off (RORO) skip trailers, double bin skip trailers, swan neck skip trailers, turntable skip trailers, scrap metal trailers. Various options available on all models.

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Chieftain’s rail trailers (rail trolleys) enable the cost efficient transport of goods and equipment to worksites and rail stations. These rail trailers are ideal for mainline rail work and can be manufactured to suit narrow guage, standard guage or broad track gauges. The Chieftain rail trailer is easily towed behind properly equipped Road Rail Vehicles (RRV’S) or machines, or it can also be pushed along the track. Models include the Chieftain 4 metre rail trailer, 5 metre rail trailer, 6 metre rail trailer, road rail trailer, 3 way tipping rail trailer, dropside rail trailer and ballast boxes. Chieftain also offer a comprehensive range of rail conversions to suit the need of any railway maintenance company.

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Fuel Bowsers

Chieftains UN approved bunded towable Fuel Bowsers comply with all UN fuel transportation regulations and have full EU type approval. This permits the safe and legal transportation of diesel or gas oil on the open highway. The tough chassis and high speed twin axles ensure ease of towing for the driver. Chieftain also manufacture Aviation bowsers for use with Avgas and Jet A1, ADR tested fuel bowsers and bunded static fuel bowsers are also available in the Chieftain fuel bowser range. Various options available on all models.

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Chieftain manufacture Forestry trailers for the use in the transport of Forestry Forwarders and Harvesting Machines. Log trailers and Timber Trailers are also available in this range.

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Ground Support Equipment

Chieftain manufacture a wide range of Ground Support Equipment. These include the Chieftain Trolley Trailer, Avgas Fuel Bowser, Aviation Fuel Bowser, Aviation Tug Bowser and the JET A1 Fuel Bowser.

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Specialised Industries

Chieftain has highly skilled design and engineering capabilities and have the ability to offer innovative engineered solutions for many challenging requirements. We have provided heavy duty custom trailers for many sectors including the oil and gas industries.

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