Chieftain manufacture a wide range of tractor drawn agricultural trailers. These include agricultural low loaders, fast tow (high speed) low loaders, dump trailers, high speed (fast tow) dump trailers, grain trailers,silage trailers, root crop trailers, tipping trailers, general purpose trailers, bale and pallet trailers and much more.


Chieftain manufacture a wide range of truck drawn commercial trailers. These include semi low loaders, stepframes, stepframe low loaders, commercial drawbars and ejector trailers. These commercial trailers have been granted European Whole Vehicle Type approval by the UK vehicle Certification Agency and are permitted for use in any EU member state.

Recycling & Waste

Chieftain manufacture a wide range of skip trailers suitable for use with both hook and chain lift systems. These include roll on roll off (RORO) skip trailers, swan neck skip trailers and turntable skip trailers. Various options available on all models.


Chieftain is the original rail trailer manufacturer whose customer focus, commercial know-how, and manufacturing efficiency have propelled it to the forefront of the professional rail equipment market. Their proven track record is underscored by the company's supply of countless rail trailers/road rail trailers and rail conversions to customers worldwide. Chieftain's Rail equipment are RIS 1530 approved and are supplied with all network rail approval documents. Chieftain's rail trailers also have Deutsche Bahn approval and are therefore permitted to work on German railway lines.

Fuel Bowsers

Chieftain manufacture a wide range of bunded fuel bowsers. These include ADR tested fuel bowsers, road legal fuel bowsers, AD blue bowsers and IBC bowsers.


Ground Support Equipment

Specialised Industries

Chieftain has highly skilled design and engineering capabilities and have the ability to offer innovative engineered solutions for many challenging requirements. We have previously provided specialised trailers for many sectors including oil exploration, defense, aerospace, waste management, rail, nuclear, construction and road transport.