2 Axle Semi Low Loader

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The Chieftain 2 Axle Semi Low-Loader is a strong and robust trailer that is used for the transportation of heavy plant and machinery. The trailer comes well equipped with 10 Tonne full commercial axles (which permit the trailer to travel up to speeds of 100km/h) air suspension and a 2-line air ISO braking circuit with WABCO TEBS. It is also comes with as standard a 24 volt ISO lighting system, two toolboxes and front and rear outline marker lights, rear marker boards, rear red triangular reflectors and side amber LEDs. Other features include Power Slide single piece hydraulic ramps as standard but there is the option of other ramps to suit your needs.

The trailer is also shot blasted to guarantee high quality and long-lasting resistance against corrosion. It is finished with 2-pack epoxy primer and paint, with the choice of a colour to suit your own personal preference.

The option of furthermore personalising your trailer to suit your requirements is vast such as different bed lengths, ramp widths and lift axles.

Please see the list of standard and optional features to create a trailer right for you.

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