2 Axle Half Pipe Tipping Trailer

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The Chieftain Half Pipe Tipping Trailer is specially designed to transport rock and quarry aggregates. Hardox is an extra high strength and durable steel developed by SSAB. It is lower in weight and higher in durability than ordinary mild steel. Hence the reason for its application in the manufacture of this product. Chieftain is a registered member of HIMB "Hardox in my Body" and all of Chieftain's designs for the use of Hardox have been approved for SSAB. (Please see Chieftain's HIMB certificate for details).

The Chieftain Half Pipe Tipping Trailer also offers efficiency improvement through increased payloads as it can transport an extra 9 tonnes compared with the 32 tonne 8 wheeler tipper trucks.

This trailer is well equipped with 10 Tonne capacity axles EU type approved, a 2-line EBS braking system, 4x 385/65 R22.5 super single tyres and air suspension all allowing it to travel up to speeds of 105kph. Other standard features include a 2” king pin, a 24 volt ISO lighting system, plastics mudguards and fold away 2 speed adjustable legs with a operating handle positioned on the near side.

The trailer is also shot blasted to guarantee high quality and long-lasting resistance against corrosion. It is finished with 2-pack epoxy primer and paint, with the choice of a colour to suit your own personal preference.

Please see the list of standard and optional features to create a trailer right for you.

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