AD Blue Fuel Bowser

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Chieftain have designed and manufacture an AD Blue fuel bowser as a direct result of the fact that more and more tractors and combines need to be refilled with AD Blue as well as diesel. Diesel is dispensed at the rear through an automatic dispenser nozzle. An auto reverse 50mm Bradley coupling comes as standard but there is the option of either a ball type or a towing eye available. The bowser is fully bunded to ensure minimum risk of leaks and spills and the heavy duty all steel construction, 2 full beam axles and lockable cabinet helps to ensure the safe storage and transportation of the fuel tanks contents. Within the tank the contents include a 12V battery, 12V electric pump (50 litres per minute), an in-line strainer filter and a high accuracy flow meter all as standard. Other features include a fully compliant 12V ISO lighting system, injection moulded mudguards with spray suppression and torsion rubber suspension.

This dual-fuel bowser is EU type approved and therefore is suitable for the transportation of fuel on the open highway.

The trailer is also shot blasted to guarantee high quality and long-lasting resistance against corrosion. It is finished with 2-pack epoxy primer and paint, with the choice of a colour to suit your own personal preference.

Please see the list of standard and optional features to create a trailer right for you.

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