Aviation Fuel Bowser

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The Chieftain Aviation fuel bowser complies with regulations for the safe transportation of Avgas and Jet A1. These fuel tanks are the perfect refuelling solution for the private aircraft owner or small to medium sized airfields. Three sizes are available in this range - The 220 Gallon, 300 Gallon or 500 Gallon. The Aviation fuel bowser is manufactured from heavy duty all steel construction making it strong, durable and able to withstand tough environments. The fully bunded inner tank helps to prevent leakage or loss of fuel and the bowser also comes complete with a twin axle type approved chassis that ensures stability with ease of manoeuvre. Also included are reliable easy-to-use features such as the lockable cabinet, Bradley coupling and four digit flow metre which allows for accurate readings.

Key Features
-          Suitable for use with Avgas and Jet A-1 fuel
-          U.N. Approved allowing safe transportation of fuel on the highway
-          EU Type Approved ensuring it meets required regulatory, technical and safety requirements
-          ADR approved allowing for the transportation of hazardous goods
-          Zurich approved testing and inspection activities
-          110% bunded tank to prevent leakage or loss of fuel

Standard Specification
-          Twin axle type approved chassis
-          4mm grade 304 stainless steel reinforced inner tank
-          Torsion rubber suspension
-          Over-run braking system to full road specification
-          185 70 R13C Speed / Weight Rating 106N
-          12V external battery concealed in battery box
-          Solar panel for trickle charge of battery
-          Fuel level gauge
-          Fully compliant lighting system
-          Lockable filler cap with drip guard
-          Lockable cabinet (with stainless steel lock and key) including:
              - Atex approved 12V DC Electric Pump- 50litres/min.
              - Atex approved 4 digit flow metre
              - ZVA 25 Atex approved nozzle with flow rate up to 140 litres/min and automatic shut off valve
              - Aviation approved, 8m hose (25mm diameter)  with spannloc fittings
              - Peco facet aviation filter housing with filter element
              - Earth bonding reel

The Bowser is also shot blasted to guarantee high quality and long-lasting resistance against corrosion. It is finished with 2-pack epoxy primer and paint.

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