John D Quinn

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Born in 1958, John D Quinn’s passion for engineering was evident at a very early age. He fixed up old bikes from as young as 6 and was changing full car engines by 11.

What was also very apparent was his determination to succeed. His father was an eel fisherman on Lough Neagh and many freezing 4am mornings were spent in the cold wind and rain along the lough shore.

Going it alone

After leaving school at 15 he started an engineering apprenticeship at a company that manufactured screeners and crushers. The 4 years spent in their design office made him yearn for a greater challenge and he gladly accepted a role in sales with a local forklift distributor.

With his knowledge of design and sales, John decided to go it alone. He set up his own company designing and manufacturing machines for Ireland’s peat industry. When the peat industry in Ireland started to decline John decided to turn his focus to agricultural trailers for farmers. The range soon expanded to include the introduction of trailers for commercial transport, Fuel, Waste and Recycling, Rail, Forestry and other highly specialised industries.

John’s  other interests include, as he likes to put it "anything with an engine". He is an experienced helicopter pilot and enjoys watching Formula 1 car racing. He is still very much the driving force behind this company and as a Chieftain customer you will have the invaluable benefit of his many years of experience in the engineering industry.

Dump Trailers