Chieftain Factory

Chieftain’s Head Office is based in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. All manufacturing conforms to the strictest quality checks and all trailers are produced to ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation.

Agricultural Trailers, Dump Trailers, Low Loaders, Skip Trailer, Commercial Trailers and More.

Chieftain’s Production Process

Chieftain has invested heavily in specialist manufacturing equipment to ensure the production of high quality trailers. Chieftain’s production facilities include the following:

On site shot blaster

All steel is shot blasted before use. Shot blasting is a fast and effective way of removing any rust, paint, grease or scales from steel before it is used in manufacture. The removal of these substances aids the prevention of rust on the trailer in the future. It also assists with better weld penetration and the application of primer and paint to the trailer.

Paint facility

The flexibility of Chieftain’s painting facilities and superior colour matching capabilities guarantee that your trailer is painted the colour you want.

Chieftain realise that their commercial and agricultural clients’ logos and corporate liveries are their prime means of communication to their markets and represent a huge investment in time, money and marketing effort. Hence time is taken by Chieftain to ensure the trailers are painted within the customer’s corporate guidelines to ensure the client’s commercial fleet looks its best and stands the rigours of day to day operation.

The paint facility consists of four separate booths that enable Chieftain to paint four different colours of trailer at any one time.

All trailers are sprayed with two coats of high build primer before the application of commercial paint. Extraction fans have been installed in each booth in order to regulate the air quality and temperature, reduce migration of dust and ensure the best overall finish possible.

Robotic welders

Two of the largest Robotic welders for trailer manufacture in the UK and Ireland are installed at the company's headquarters in Co.Tyrone.

The Robotic welders supplied to Chieftain by Cloos Germany allows the performance of first-class precision welding and facilitates the execution of complex welding tasks.

Skilled personnel

Chieftain’s highly skilled employees have many years of experience in the trailer industry. Their attention to detail and commitment to engineering excellence has been both officially and independently recognised.


shot blaster

gold trailer

robotic welder

Chieftain take pride in the fact that their factory and processes are state of the art and are continuing to recruit and develop people with the skills that they need for the future. Chieftain is committed to the production of high quality products at competitive costs in a flexible and supportive working environment.