For those who build upon the land. For those who transform and enrich the land. For those who cultivate and harvest the land. Chieftain is dedicated to your success.

The story of Chieftain is one of hard work, determination and innovation. The company has seen many changes and challenges in its business, but the true essence of Chieftain has always been its commitment and dedication to those that are linked to the land.

Stand on the Shoulders of the Brave

As a family run business, Chieftain realise that pursuing a business opportunity requires bravery. Our experiences have cemented our purpose for helping you face your challenges and become more productive. We fully appreciate your demanding requirements and we are here to help.


The quality of a company can often be expressed through the quality of its leadership and Chieftain by definition means “Leader of Men”. For over 30 years Chieftain has benefitted by having its founder John D Quinn at the helm. The men and women helping to guide Chieftain have the experience, the expertise, the values, and the will to keep Chieftain what it has always been – a great company.

Innovation is in our blood

At Chieftain, innovation translates customer’s requirements into new products. Our continued aim is to set the pace for innovation and be the benchmark for innovation success in our industry.