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Deck Wideners

The Chieftain deck widener is a low loader trailer designed and manufactured from a range of high tensile steels from hardox and domex that self widens from 2.5m to 3.5m and carries large mining equipment weighing up to 35t or 51,000kg with a 2x4 dolly such as bulldozers and excavators. It has self-contained hydraulic system that operates deck widening, the ramps and the spare wheel loader. These trailers are available on either 235/75R 17.5 or 265/70R 19.5 tyres. Options include Single Hydraulic ramps or Bi-Fold hydraulic ramps. These trailers are designed and manufactured to NHVR legislation, and are fitted with a compliance plate. This trailer is fitted with dual voltage ebs/abs and dual voltage LED lights so that either a truck with 12v electrics or a truck with 24v electrics can tow it. This trailer is also available with a folding top deck and an oscillating skid plate with two king pin positions. These trailers are available with 3 way container pins or twist locks. This trailer is also available on both airbag and spring suspension.


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