5 Axle Semi Low Loaders

The Chieftain 5 Axle Semi Low-Loader is a strong and robust trailer that is used for the transportation of heavy plant and machinery. The trailer comes well equipped with full commercial axles and air suspension c/w raise and lower valve. (which permit the trailer to travel up to speeds of 105km/h).

Standard features also include 2 Rear steering axles.

  • Chassis construction made of high tensile steel
  • Commercial Axles  (EU Type Approved)
  • Air Suspension c/w Raise/Lower Valve
  • 2 Self steering rear axles
  • 2 Line Air with Wabco EBS (Electronic Braking System) (EU Type Approved)
  • Trailer emergency module featuring safe parking function.
  • Load Sensing Valve / Park and Shunt Valves
  • Spring Brakes fitted with Automatic Slack Adjusters
  • Keruing Hardwood Floor
  • 3.5″ Bolt in Kingpin
  • Hydraulic straight up ramps powered via electric over hydraulic power pack
  • Powerslide shift ramps
  • Swing down support legs under beavertail for ramps
  • 20 x 235 / 75 R 17.5 new “J “ rated tyres
  • 24 Volt single pole via ISO 12098 15 pin connector and ISO 7638 EBS connector conforming to EU regulations.
  • Rear LED Lamp clusters with front and side LED marker lights
  • License plate holder with light
  • 2 x LED Flashing Strobes on rear
  • EU type approved Bolt on spray suppression mud flaps fitted behind each wheel.
  • EU type approved sideguards fitted under the side raves.
  • Lashing rings recessed into the side chimes and on deck
  • 2 x Stainless steel toolboxes (one each side)
  • Safety labels fitted to trailer with conspicuity Hi-Vis Tape fitted to rear and sides of trailer
  • 2 Speed adjustable height jacking leg with handle
  • Trailer Shot blasted to guarantee high quality and long-lasting resistance against corrosion
  • Trailer finished in 2 Pack primer and paint
  • Double flip Hydraulic ramps
  • Aluminium neck surround
  • Galvanised Pull-Out Outriggers
  • Outrigger boards and storage tray
  • Galvanised T-bar overrun fitted to neck of trailer
  • Wide marker boards with led lights
  • Spare wheel mounted on trailer
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    Chieftain understands transporting a combine harvester is an important part of productivity during harvest. Therefore we have taken the time to design and develop a specialist combine trailer which both extends in length and width for the safe transport and loading of your combine harvester and combine harvester headers. The trailer can also be used for transporting various types of potato and vegetable harvesting equipment.