5 Metre Rail Trailer

The Chieftain 5m Rail Trailers are ideal for mainline rail work and can be manufactured to suit narrow track gauge, standard track gauge or broad track gauge. Trailers are approved  for RIS 1530 Issue 6 (UK),  DB netz (Germany) & I-PLM-5001 (Ireland).

  • Approved for RIS 1530 Issue 6 (UK)
  • Approved for DB netz (Germany)
  • Approved for I-PLM-5001 (Ireland)
  • Platform dimensions: 5m x 2.5m
  • 40mm coupling fitted to front and rear of trailer.
  • Fabricated tow pole with 1560mm eye centres
  • 4 pair of lashing points recessed into side chime
  • 4 lashing points recessed into floor
  • Steel chequered plate floor
  • 4 Twist locks fitted to bed of trailer to accommodate ballast box
  • 2 x 12 Ton 8 stud full beam axles
  • Multi – leaf spring suspension
  • Two line air brakes (Air park and service brake)
  • Indicator to show the brakes are on/off visible from both ends of trailer
  • Quantity 4 – 550mm diameter (P1 profile) steel rail wheels
  • Rail scrapers fitted in front of each wheel
  • 12 volt lighting
  • Control switch fitted to turn lights On/Off
  • Auto directional LED lamp assemblies fitted to front and rear of trailer
  • Battery and battery box fitted on chassis inner beam
  • 2 x 12 volt solar panels
  • Lamp holder fitted at front and rear
  • Stainless steel toolbox on one side
  • Access step on one side
  • Safety labels fitted to trailer

  • 600mm high ballast box
  • Clip on ramps with storage tray
  • Manual jack legs with storage tray
  • Cranked drawbars with 40mm towing eyes fitted


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    Chieftain understands transporting a combine harvester is an important part of productivity during harvest. Therefore we have taken the time to design and develop a specialist combine trailer which both extends in length and width for the safe transport and loading of your combine harvester and combine harvester headers. The trailer can also be used for transporting various types of potato and vegetable harvesting equipment.