6 metre Road / Rail Flat Trailer

Chieftains Road Rail Flatbed Trailer is a very versatile trailer whereby not only can it be used on Road and Rail but it can transport general plant and with ISO Twistlocks on the deck it can move containers from one job to another.

  • Length of Body: 6m
  • Flat body with steel floor
  • Rail Axles: 2 x 12 Ton 8 stud Full Beam
  • Rail Wheels 550mm P1/10 Profile
  • Road Axles: 310mm x 190mm Commercial Axles
  • Road suspension Parabolic springs
  • Road wheels 235/75 R17.5
  • Air or Hydraulic Brakes
  • Full LED Road lighting
  • 50mm or 57.5mm Towing Eye
  • 2 Speed jack leg at front
  • 4 x Twistlocks on the deck
  • Tying points on the deck
  • Safety labels fitted to trailer
  • Trailer Shot blasted to guarantee high quality and long-lasting resistance against corrosion
  • Trailer finished in 2 Pack primer and paint
  • Enquire below for list of optional extras
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    Trailer Parts

    Chieftain understands transporting a combine harvester is an important part of productivity during harvest. Therefore we have taken the time to design and develop a specialist combine trailer which both extends in length and width for the safe transport and loading of your combine harvester and combine harvester headers. The trailer can also be used for transporting various types of potato and vegetable harvesting equipment.